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To start your psychic reading process we need to learn a a bit about you and your current situation. Please answer the below questions and then click the continue button.
1. What games do you play? lotto, bingo, sweepstakes and contests, races, casino, pool, sports events, None of the above.
2. Would you prefer to win: a large amount of money all at once or regularly win small amounts?
3. How much would you like to win? $1000 , $5000, $25,000?
4. Do you need more money than you have chosen from above? If yes, how much do you need?
5. Once you win a large sum of money, what will your top priority be (in a few words)
6. How much money do you believe you will need to live comfortably each year?
7. Would you like to find a new job that pleases you and pays you more, or are you looking for a job? Yes No
8. Do you ever feel lonely, or wish you had more friends? Yes No
9. Do you ever feel people around you do not appreciate you, or understand your full worth? Yes No
10. Are you currently satisfied with your love life? Yes No
11. Do you have children? If yes, how many?
12. Do you often feel insecure or depressed? Yes No
13. Do you feel a strong need to advance yourself professionally or socially? Yes No
14. Would you like help understanding yourself better, and in finding new interests in your life? Yes No
15. Do you sometimes feel a "sixth sense" and if so would you like help developing it further? Yes No
16. Do you sometimes feel you are being influenced by bad vibrations? Yes No
17. Do you believe in the power of a psychic reading to bring positive changes to your life and to positively alter your destiny? Yes No
18. Do you agree to keep the revelations presented to you in your reading private? Yes No
19. Once you win a large and unexpected amount of money, or experience positive changes in your life, will you send us a brief letter telling us what happened? Yes No

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