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Hand of Ra Photograph
Stone Hand or RA
Augury of the Egyptian Reading
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In 1931 Dr. Sidney Petersen, a well respected university professor of archeology and noted collector, conducted a particularly ambitious dig well East of the Great Pyramids somewhere in the desert. Plagued by relentless sand storms that ravaged much of his equipment, Petersen himself, eventually suffered much more than financial loss. Some three months into the excavation, Petersen uncovered a stone hand that had been severed from its host as the result a hairline fault several centimeters above the wrist.

The stone of the intricately carved hand appeared to resemble a composition similar to the fossilized remains of prehistoric dinosaurs. Inspired by this auspicious find, Petersen threw himself into a frenzied search for the rest of the statue. Several days later, his persistence paid off as the sand reluctantly relinquished its hold on a six foot image of Ra (pronounced, "Rah"), a fabled king whose mystical powers allowed him to see far into the future with amazing accuracy. However, Petersen's elation was short lived as a scorching wind of "hellatious proportions" savagely reclaimed its treasures under tons of stinging sand. While the statue was lost forever, Petersen managed to salvage the stone hand and make his way back to a private house in Cairo. Grateful to have survived with the hand in tact, he proudly dubbed it "The Stone Hand of Ra".

Dr. Sidney Petersen
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Petersen philosophically accepted the destruction of three months work and set about examining the artifact anxious to register his find. In a letter to the university, Petersen spoke of the hand's "mysterious qualities that allowed amazing powers of perception and insight, especially while engaging inquiries about the future". This was discovered when he compared the stone hand to his own by placing the tips of his fingers against the fingers of Ra. Petersen went on to write, " soon as I did, I experienced a feeling of intense power and gained the ability to glimpse the future with amazing clarity. While I found it exhilarating, it was a little disturbing as well." He concluded by describing an intense feeling of impending doom: "As I made one last contact with the hand that night, I received a fleeting impression that the hand was but a distant traveler passing through time. And its journey would consist of frequent but brief stops along the way." After a late dinner with friends, Petersen returned to discover his room ransacked and the Stone Hand of Ra nowhere to be found. Although he remained in Cairo for several months, a relentless efforts to recover his treasure proved useless. Tired and discouraged, he returned home to America and spent the last 25 years of his life amassing a most extensive artifacts collection for the university. But, even though he had enjoyed considerable fame and fortune, he never gave up hope of recovering his stolen prize, "The Stone Hand of Ra", a drawing of which remained on his bedside table until the day he died.

Cairo Excavation
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The stone hand was all but forgotten until it was pulled from the rubble of an obscure little museum just days after German warplanes sent their deadly cargo whistling through the night in a vicious assault against England's largest city. Fearing additional damage, the museum's cautious curator, Nigel Timkin, transferred the surviving artifacts to an underground vault and later to a ship bound for New York and a safe address. However, just two days out of port, German torpedoes found their mark and sent the ship to the bottom in 300 feet of water. While most of its crew was rescued by a passing freighter headed for the United States, the Hand of Ra, along with the rest of the cargo, was presumed destroyed and lost to the world forever.

Pyramids of Giza
Circa 1930
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But "The Stone Hand of Ra" was to surface once again, this time as part of the private collection of a wealthy American industrialist. Reputed to have amazing success at predicting future trends and sound investments, the hand remained in his collection until one balmy August night in the Hamptons when his private physician pronounced him dead at 93. "The Stone Hand of Ra" was bequeathed to his partner and distant cousin, who in turn gave it to his son after failing health left him totally uninspired. His son, a practicing psychologist and devout believer in astrology, numerology and the existence of universal forces, discovered the amazing power of the hand and has made good on his vow to share it with the world.

Today, "The Stone Hand of Ra" and all it holds exists for the benefit of those who seek it as a source of wisdom and insight in their search for a solution to the mystery underlying the constant motion and change in the universe. The ideas and insights it shares are available to everyone, but remember, whenever they hold a special meaning with regard to your question, those words were meant for you.

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