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Stone Hand or RA
Augury of the Egyptian Psychic Reading
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We will literally stop time to capture the situation and reveal its meaning. By isolating time with regard to a particular question, you align your Self and your current situation with all that is happening in the universe. Finally, you have discovered a direct channel that will allow you an insight into your own destiny. Calling upon psychic powers to aid you in revealing your future is like gathering the pieces of a puzzle, arranging them in the correct order and fitting them together to reveal yourself. You may also be surprised to discover just how much your master psychic reading confirms what you may have already suspected. The psychic reading you receive may not always contain the answers you want to know, but are what you need to know in order to make an accurate evaluation in determining what is missing from your life.

In accordance with the laws of the universe, the whole of all that is constantly changing, from life here on earth to the celestial bodies above, is known as the cosmos. It is divided into two opposing forces which creates constant change. Constant change in the cosmos is what creates life and life generates the creative energy that is the cosmos. From this, all things evolve.

The Online Psychic offers clients four distinct and historic methods of psychic reading. Each of our Psychics are well trained in each of these methods of divination. Based on the descriptions below, we leave it to you, the client to decide which method will be most appropriate for you as well as the ability to select the psychic who can best assist you with your particular psychic inquiry.


Our Classic psychic reading uses century old understandings that were key to the life and religious practices of ancient Viking and Teutonic tribes originating in Iceland and Greenland. By channeling these understanding along with the energy of these ancient nomadic tribunals, we can tap the essence of the runes, and in doing so we find a better understanding of the people and events that surround us. The Classic psychic reading is an excellent reading to select when dealing with questions about family matters, friendship, and when doing an internal soul searching. It also is a favorite of Scorpios, Pisces, and Capricorn's.


Our Crystal psychic readings take into account that our lives are affected by three primary cycles that affect us and those around us. These 3 cycles are Physical (23 days), Emotional (28 days), and Intellectual (33 days). Each person's cycles start at a middle point at the date of birth. The status of each cycle will directly affect what a person is experiencing in each category. By focusing on these points we can best give you a reading that will guide you in each area in the coming days, weeks, and months. The Crystal reading is an excellent reading when dealing with questions about money, finances, numerology, and career decisions.


Thousands of years ago the Egyptian's built a fabulous empire that still amazes us to this day. How did they do it? Did they have help from beings from another world? Centuries of research have proven that they did have some sort of connection with cosmic sources needed to create complex algorithms, to build the massive Pyramids, to perform medical operations, and to create a complex mystic society that was unparalleled anywhere else on Earth for thousands of years. Using deciphering codes of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics our Master Psychics use the powers of the mystic Egyptian prophecies to give startling insight and psychic readings for our clients. This reading is perfect for matters involving numerology, love and romance, and readings where a specific question needs to be answered. We have chosen the powerful "Stone Hand of Ra" (pronounced, "Rah") as the augury that allows us to examine your reality and divine its meanings. An augury is a ceremonial vehicle that reveals a particular pattern in a particular moment in time that can be analyzed with regard to a specific question. By placing your fingers on the appropriate power points you tap into the collective energy of others from around the world who are seeking answers at the very same time. Suddenly, your energy is multiplied and intensified to enormous proportions. You become a microcosm juxtaposed against and created by the macrocosm of the universe. Your situation is a product of simultaneous physical forces that allow you to join others through "The Stone Hand of Ra" at that precise moment in time when these parallel universal patterns can be revealed to you.


Dreams are considered by many to be the windows to the soul. Hidden meanings of our dreams can be unlocked, showing a clear link to our future. Understanding your dreams hidden messages is not easy, but our Master Psychic's are experts in this field. Dreams should not be interpreted literally, but rather metaphorically. Things are not always as they appear. We provide each member with a free Dream Diary to track and record your dream history, and we provide startling insight into the true meanings of your dreams. This is a proven reading when you have questions about love, romance, and sexual intimacy - all areas that are often tied to our dreams in hidden ways. When you select this reading our Master Psychics will focus on the information you provide for a period of 12-24 hours. You will be asked to tell us what time you will be sleeping on the day or night of your reading and that is when your dream analysis will be done. This method provides a far more accurate form of psychic analysis in the realm of dreams and we are the only psychic service to perform this type of reading. Your actual reading will be delivered to you the following day after our psychics have performed your Dreamscape reading during your sleep.

This is your journey. You may feel compelled to consult the Online Psychic frequently, or as often as your circumstances warrant. Either way, you may record the information you receive by establishing an online account so you can re-examine, reconsider and re-evaluate its significance as often as you like. Only you have direct access to this information. As you continue to consult the Online Psychic for answers to important issues in your life, an accurate record of past responses will eventually lead to a greater understanding of the cosmos which is in fact, your Self.

When life becomes hectic and confusing, when you are plagued by uncertainty regarding current situations and their impact on your future, or if you simply want to confirm what you may already know, the Online Psychic is available 24 hours to offer you a greater understanding of what life holds in store for you.

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