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Welcome to the psychic reading process. We have 4 different types of readings for you to choose from. You can read about each style of reading below and decide which one will best suit your needs. We also offer additional services that are available for almost 50% off their normal prices when you add them to any reading. Questions about love, money, family, career, lucky numbers, and more can now be answered by selecting one of the four types of reading explained below.

classic psychic reading Classic Reading - Our Classic reading uses century old understandings that were key to the life and religious practices of ancient Viking and Teutonic tribes originating in Iceland and Greenland. Click Here for Full Description.
classic psychic reading Egyptian Reading - Using deciphering codes of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics our Master Psychics use the powers of the mystic Egyptian prophecies to give startling insight and psychic readings for our clients. Click Here for Full Description.
classic psychic reading Crystal Reading - Our Crystal readings take into account that our lives are affected by three primary cycles that affect us and those around us. These 3 cycles are Physical (23 days), Emotional (28 days), and Intellectual (33 days). Click Here for Full Description.
classic psychic reading DreamScape Reading - Dreams are considered by many to be the windows to the soul. Hidden meanings of our dreams can be unlocked, showing a clear link to our future. Understanding your dreams hidden messages is not easy, but our Master Psychic's are experts in this field. Click Here for Full Description. Click Here for Full Description.

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With your Psychic Reading Package you will also get a personalized daily horoscope zodiac console placed inside your members area. This personalized zodiac console will allow you to log in every day to get a remarkable daily horoscope, and to take instant advantage every day of advanced astrological services to include relationship compatibility analysis by zodiac signs, Chinese Sun Sign readings, lucky time of the day, lucky color of the day, daily lucky lottery numbers, and much more. Your personalized daily horoscope will also be sent to you every day, via email, as an added benefit.

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